About Us

The Security Systems Professionals In Bartlesville, OK

Our Mission Statement: "We believe everyone deserves to live and work in a safe and secure environment" Ron L. Glenn



Glenn Security Systems, Inc. is known for innovation in security assets and reducing losses by installing sensors for burglar and fire alarm monitoring as well as high/low temperatures, and water leaks for home owners. We also assist businesses with these monitoring services as well as industry and company specific requirements. Glenn Security Systems, Inc. specializes in the oil patch industry; monitoring salt water tanks, gas compressors, pumps and more to keep environmental issues and loss of production at a minimum.


Our staff is licensed, trained, and certified. We are members of the American Society of Industrial Industry - www.asisonline.org , Oklahoma Burglar & Fire Alarm Association - okbfaa.org, National Burglar & Fire Alarm Association - alarm.org , the Bartlesville Chamber of Commerce, and the National Fire Protection Association- nfpa.org.

Our Offer


We offer A lifetime warranty on workmanship as well as 24 hour emergency service. Our goal is to make your world safer and to protect your investments.

Glenn Security Systems, Inc. is an Authorized Security Dealer of DMP (Digital Monitoring Products), Bosch Security Solutions, & HIK Vision Camera Solutions.