Commercial Security Systems In Bartlesville, OK

Business Security

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Businesses with several employees that come and go may benefit from an access control system. These systems require a credential to be swiped or scanned to obtain entry to the building. Access control may be integrated with your security and camera surveillance systems. Glenn Security Systems, Inc. installs, programs, and services these systems to make sure you know who enters and exits the building at all times.

Camera Surveillance Systems

In a business environment, camera surveillance systems are necessary to monitor activity and deter suspicious activity. Glenn Security Systems, Inc. assesses the size and functions of each business to determine the best camera surveillance system to install. You can monitor or view your cameras on-site or remotely via the internet from any location only by authorized persons.



Commercial fire alarms require more advanced systems than residential alarms. Glenn Security Systems, Inc. ensures the correct system's size for safety requirements to fit the size and type of building per code.

Temperature, Water, Power Alarms, & Other Critical Events

If for some reason the temperature gets dangerously hot or cold to the point of potential damage, the alarm will sound, alerting you to the problem. Glenn Security Systems, Inc. water alarms will alert you to leaks, minimizing costly repairs. Our water alarms can detect as little as 1/32 in of water. Power alarms alert business owners of a blown fuse, electrical power failure, or other issues before the problem becomes serious. Each of these is beneficial in protecting your business by minimizing down-time or losses.


24 Hour Emergency Service & Local Around the Clock Monitoring

Call Glenn Security Systems, Inc. for service on your security system at any time, day or night. We also have an around-the-clock monitoring station to keep an eye on your business 24/7.

Burglar and Hold-Up Alarms

These are designed to deter the intruder before entry or alert law enforcement immediately upon entry. Hold-up alarms and panic buttons are an extra security measure activated when you press a button. Wall-mounted units are placed in an easily accessible location. Portable buttons are worn or carried by your staff so they can signal for help while working.