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DMP Residential System

The XT Series™ burglary/fire/door access panel. It includes all communication options, network, cellular, and dialer, with DMP’s Two-Day Wireless receiver. All options are on one board, so you need no additional enclosures, cabling, or connections. This powerful panel incorporates the technology you’d expect in a larger panel, with all of the quality and innovation you expect from DMP. Panel features provide added security and convenience.

Bosch Residential Systems

The BSeries Control Panel integrates intrusion and residential fire, providing one simple user interface for both systems. The B Series provides up to 48 individually identified points that can be split into 4 areas.The control panel can communicate over cellular network communications. With the B Series, you can monitor doors, windows, and motion. Each user can have a personalized passcode, a wireless keyfob, and an access credential to control the system.

Camera Surveillance Systems

As a Priemere HIKVision Dealer, we work with engineering and sales to bring state of the art Camera Surveillance Systems to our customers.

Fire Alarm


Residential fire alarms, or smoke detectors, are essential safety features to protect you and your family at home. Glenn Security Systems, Inc. installs and services fire alarms for home owners that cover your entire home including the garage and attic. We also carry fire alarms and smoke detectors for those with hearing disabilities that use strobe lights and vibrations to alert those who may not hear the standard alarm sound. Let Glenn Security Systems, Inc. do the job when you need a new fire alarm system.

Temperature, Water, Power Alarms, & Other Critical Events

If for some reason the temperature gets dangerously hot or cold to the point of potential damage, the alarm will sound, alerting you to the problem. Glenn Security Systems, Inc. water alarms will alert you to leaks, minimizing costly repairs. Our water alarms can detect as little as 1/32 in of water. Power alarms alert homeowners of a blown fuse, electrical power failure, or other issues before the problem becomes serious. Each of these is beneficial in protecting your home.


24 Hour Emergency Service & Local Around the Clock Monitoring

Accidents happen, sometimes in the middle of the night, which is why Glenn Security Systems, Inc. offers 24 hour emergency service for any of the products we carry. Give us a call and we will have someone come out to your home as soon as possible.

Glenn Security Systems, Inc. has a state of the art central monitoring station to protect home owners at all hours. We want you to feel safe and secure in your home and take the stress of worrying about security away, with quick response to your alarm needs.